'Night Streets in Marrakech' - 28 February - 30 May 2014
Running at the same time as the 5th Marrakech Biennale

Nic will be showing his drawings of night time in Marrakech for the first time at an exhibition that runs parallel with the Marrakech Biennale in February 2014.

"Drawing is the source of all inspiration for me. It is the beginning and the end of all my work, I draw before I begin new work in clay and I draw at the end when the sculpture is complete, it is my thinking space.

The exhibition will also include a family workshop involving two of Nic's children, Sam and Marigold Fiddian-Green, both of whom already are showing that they have inherited their father's exceptional artistic abilities. This is the first time Nic and his family have collaborated together and as Nic states, "I hope it will be the first of many!"

Fiddian-Greenís 'Night Streets in Marrakech' opens on 28 February until 30 May 2014 and will be held at the Garden Gallery, Jnane Tamsna Hotel where Nic stays whilst in Marrakech.

Meryanne Loum-Martin of the Garden Gallery says "I am honoured and excited that Nic has chosen my new gallery to host his first exhibition of drawings abroad. I am thrilled that it can happen in parallel to the fascinating Biennale that Vanessa Branson has founded in our dear city of Marrakech."

BBC Country File January 12th 2014


Available to watch again until January 19th on the BBC iPlayer website here. Clip available here.

"Nic Fiddian Green is famous for his large sculptures of horses' heads, including one which sits in front of London's Marble Arch. Nic invites Helen Skelton to his studio on the Wintershall estate in Surrey to see how he creates these huge works of art. She sees how he models plaster cast heads inspired by live horses in the estate's stable yard. Then Nic shows Helen the bronze casting process, firing up a mobile kiln out in Wintershall's woods."

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Nic Fiddian Green on the cover of the FT Weekend 15th June 2013

Nic Fiddian-Green

Bronzes, Carvings, and Drawings

June 6th to July 26th

Nic Fiddian Green's exhibition is now closed. His monumental "Head of Christ" and smaller studies for the piece were on show at our gallery in 57 Jermyn Street.

New equine carvings, bronzes and drawings weer on display at the 32 Bruton place gallery. Monumental outdoor sculpture is still on display on the Economist Plaza, St James, and Mount Street gardens, Mayfair. In addition there are spectacular large sculptures on show at Royal Ascot and Goodwood.

For availability and price information or to organise a site visit to discuss placing and installation please contact the gallery on 0207 499 0365 or

Southwark Cathedral

Major New Sculpture on display - 12 February - 30 March

Nic Fiddian-Green was commissioned to create a new sculpture, 'Christ Rests in Peace', for the front of the High Altar at Southwark Cathedral, London. The work, which was on display from 12 February to 30 March 2013, will be the focus for contemplation for those who visit the Cathedral during Lent and Holy Week.

Nic Fiddian-Green, one of Britain's most accomplished and innovative equine sculptors is well known for his beguiling monumental horse's heads that are displayed in high profile places, such as the 33' head that stands at Marble Arch. 'Christ Rests in Peace' will likewise be equally impressive and striking. It is an 8' head of Jesus cast in lead and brought to life with Nic's ability to create character and form through his meticulous methods of colouration. The crown of thorns, 18" high will be finished in gold leaf and the whole head will be beautifully lit from beneath radiating a magnificent aura.

Speaking of this work Nic Fiddian-Green said: 'I have been working on the subject of the face of Christ for over 20 years 'with no place in mind', so when I was invited to install a work at Southwark, I realised it was all out of my hands. It is a great privilege and opportunity to reveal this work in a sacred and spiritual place. I am so honoured that this work is at the very centre of our capital and will be seen by the Cathedral's many visitors."

The Very Revd Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark, comments: 'We are delighted to have 'Christ Rests in Peace' in Southwark Cathedral throughout Lent. For so many Christians singing the hymn 'The head that once was crowned with thorns' is a regular reminder of the reality of the crucifixion. Nic Fiddian-Green's representation of the head of Jesus crowned with thorns is powerful not just because of its sheer size but also because when you look beyond the thorns you see the humanity in the face of Christ'.

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